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  SUPPLIER of TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and EQUIPMENT to the GLASS INDUSTRY GSI designed, engineered and supervised the construction/startup of the factory ahown in the pictures. We broke ground on this project on 20 April 2011 and were in full production with the first furnace before the end of 2011. The second furnace started in June 2012. This is a big factory with two furnaces producing a total of 60,000 tons per year of fiberglass from 96 bushings.

This is a very informative article about E-CR glass compared to other glasses plus a good description of glass fiber products and process in general.



The following document from Combustion Tec describes the reasons and advantages for using oxy-fuel combustion systems on glass melting furnaces.



The following document from THE LINDE GROUP explains why using  CGMTM and oxy-fuel systems allows for both effiency and flexibility in fiberglass production


The following document gives a comperhemsive overview of our project with AFG in Bahrain. Corporate Video?mp4

The following articles describes how waste glass can be economically dealt with on site:

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